The power of print! Print media works! It is still the most trusted advertising medium of all.*

Print media allows for high-level target marketing.

  • Advertising in print builds brand, and increases over all campaign effectiveness – it can increase return on investment by up to 3 times, and increase overall effectiveness of an advertising campaign by over five times.

  • Print media builds up loyal and long-standing readership, helping to enforce an advertiser’s message.

  • Print media holds readers attention

  • Print media drives people to websites.

Market research by Royal Mail** reveals that when people get mail:

have been influenced to make an online purchase.

of people feel valued by mail.

say it keeps your brand top of their mind.

of mail is opened, read or looked at.

Our print editions are distributed free-of-charge each issue to BUYERS within the industry, including:


Our distribution databases are fully researched constantly managed and maintained, giving you the confidence and the guarantee that your message will be seen by the largest possible numbers of potential purchasing professionals.

* Source: Benchmarking for Newsworks.
** Source: Royal Mail MarketReach, It’s All About Mail and Email (2014), The Private Life of Mail (2015), This Time It’s Personal (2015).

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